Can Flooring Influence Your Brand?

02 June 2018 / By admin

"Wait, what? Improve brand with flooring? Surely not!" - I hear you say, bear with me...

During my career, I found that the word “brand” gets thrown around more than it should and in all the wrong ways; often misinterpreted for a logo or visual identity.

Brand, is not a logo, its a gut feeling about your company based on many things, all factored into one. Brand can be influenced but it cannot be decided by you and your company. According to Marty Neumeier ..."it is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is."

So how can your business influence your brand with flooring?

There are lots of ways your business can influence what your customers think and feel about you and your organisation. Companies spend vast amounts of money of making their retail spaces the most amazing places to be and their office spaces a great environment for their staff to be productive and happy in.

When it comes to flooring, there are many, often low cost, ways to further enhance what your customers feel about you, here are just a few ideas.


Desso Carpet Tiles

We love this random laying pattern of Desso Carpet Tiles in New Zealand!

If your business is known for its fun , exciting brand, show this with some colour. Bright coloured carpet tiles are a simple way to achieve a really fun environment. Pick two or three colours from your companies visual identity and have them installed randomly around your office or even your entrance way. Nothing makes a great first impression to perspective clients than a wow reception or entrance way!


Carpet Tiles

This use of coloured carpet tiles clearly defines walkways between office space.

Is your business known for its clarity or ease of use? Then extend that to using flooring to create easy to follow directional pathways throughout your offices. This could be achieved using coloured vinyl with arrows, lines, or even words to guide visitors.


Purple Carpet Tile

We love a good solid purple carpet tile!

Do you do all you can for the environment? Now more than ever, the environment is at the forefront of many decisions that interior designers and business owners make. The great thing for those looking at new floors is that there are now a growing number of environmentally friendly products on the market that are great for those eco-conscious of us. The VT480 range from CFS uses 100% Recycled Econyl solution dyed polyamide.

Outside Inside.

Indoor Grass

Bring the outside inside with a little artificial grass!

If you are looking for something a little more alfresco, why not install some artificial surfaces within your office? Artificial grass is a go to choice for the minimalist gardener, why not make it part of your break out room too. More and more workspaces are utilising artificial surfaces to create relaxing outside-inside spaces to offer their staff a chance to work in the meadows without leaving the building.

At Monument Flooring, we specialise in creating amazing spaces. Speak to a member of our team to find out how with a little creativity, we can help boost your brand with some stunning flooring solutions and designs.