Monument Help Bake Up A Treat For Milligans Bakery.

19 February 2019 / By admin
Tarkett Mixonomi

Monument Help Bake Up A Treat For Milligans Bakery.

Working with local businesses is always a treat for us, and our latest project with Milligans Bakery was no exception.

Louise and her designers approached us to discuss a variety of flooring materials that would be suitable for this project. As with most designers and clients, they are looking for a great material at a price that falls within their budget. After all, with full refits such as this one, every penny counts.

We put forward one of our tried and tested favorites; CFS Eternity Commercial which offers a wide variety of wood tones, along with the specified Polyflor Expona Black Treadplate and Altro Walkway20 in Tundra

The client also wanted to design a feature wall that would sit behind the seating area for their 'eat in' customers. Her designers came to us with the design, which they had already chosen a material for. Upon further investigation, the material was not suitable for the project due to the cost and long delivery time.

Our team suggested a very similar product in Tarketts newly launched Mixonomy range, comprising of 7 core shapes all with standard, off the shelf colours, making for much faster delivery and surprisingly at a lower cost.

Some excellent project management from Louise and her design team meant we were able to deliver both floor and wall coverings, fully installed without any issue, on time and on budget, allowing her enough time to add some finishing touches before the grand opening on Monday.

Here's what she had to say about our work;