Monument Contract Flooring Now Installing New Social Distance Flooring

28 May 2020 / By admin

Social Distancing Carpet Tiles Now Available from Monument Contract Flooring.

Introducing directional carpet tiles to help support businesses in the new world of Coronavirus and Social Distancing.

We are all aware of the current pandemic that has ground much of the world to a halt, with many businesses forced to close their doors to the public.

As businesses begin to reopen to the public, new government guidelines are in place to protect the public and also employees of those firms.

As part of those guidelines, customers and employees will need to observe strict social distancing in order to limit and avoid the spread of any germs which could transmit the coronavirus. These distancing guidelines will mean many businesses and organisations having to change the layout of their spaces.

In order to make these changes easier for our clients, we are pleased to introduce these directional and reminder carpet tiles which are a must-have addition to help structure and facilitate these new changes.

The tiles will integrate with existing tiles and provide a great visual reminder to customers and employees alike.
Our team are now taking enquiries for these tiles as well as more bespoke social distancing flooring options, for a free quotation please call us on 0800 1777 332 or email us